Landscape development and greening activities such as developing recreational areas, greening of Thromdes , etc.
Landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition, practiced by landscape designers, combining nature and culture.

Why Landscape?

1. Preserve Nature
2. Secure Inhabitants
3. Visual Appeal and Aesthetics
4. Create a setting for Living
5. Achieve Outdoor Functions
6. Preserve the Natural Feel

Landscaping works completed by GREEN BHUTAN CORPORATION LIMITED.

1. The Royal Tshamkhang Project, Wangsisina.

2. City greening,Thimphu Thromde

3. Outdoor landscaping works of Financial Institutions Training Institute Limited

4. Royal Textile Academy

5. Chimithangkha

6. Dagana Park Development

7. Damdum Industrial Park

8. Chhukha Landscape, Chhukha Dzong

9. Jigmeling Industrial Park, Sarpang


10. Wangduecholing landscape Development