Who is who


Sl. No. Name Designation Phone Number Email ID Image
1. Mr. Damber Singh Rai  Cheif Executive Officer 17631447 drai_bt@yahoo.com  
2. Mr. Tshering Dorji Officiating General Manager, Operations Division 17693230 tsheringgbcl@gmail.com  
3. Mr. Kinley Tshering Officiating General Manager, AFD 17807223 kinleyt26@gmail.com  
4. Mr. Dorji Wangchuk Head, Finance and Accounts Section 17747406 wangchukbobby23@gmail.com  
5. Mrs. Tshering Yangdon Head, Planning, Marketing and Monitoring Section 02350643/102 tyangdon66@gmail.com  
6. Mr. Sonam Jamtsho Head, Landscape Development and Consultancy Section 02350643/102 jamtz94@gmail.com  
7. Mr. Dawa Tshering Head, Nursery, Plantation and Floriculture Section 17964606 dawatdorjee@gmail.com  
8. Mrs. Lenmith Lepcha Officiating Regional Manager, Eastern Region, Samdrup Jongkhar 17300493 aden21308@gmail.com  
9. Mr. Thinley Tobgyal Officiating Regional Manager, Western Region, Zekha 17437857 tobgyae99@gmail.com  
10. Mr. Passang Wangdi Officiating Regional Manager, Central Region, Lobesa, Punakha 77389590 shengap2020@gmail.com  
11. Ms. Pema Wangmo Park Manager, Issuna Park 17586746 peewom506@gmail.com  
12. Mrs. Sangay Wangmo Sr.Office Assistant 17924807 sangaygbcl@gmail.com  
13. Mrs. Karma Choden Personal Assistant to CEO 17438323 karmachoden847@gmail.com  
14. Ms. Sonam Accountant 17315592 sonamgbcl009@gmail.com
15. Ms. Chencho Zam Assistant Marketing Manager 17747290 gbclzam@gmail.com
16. Ms. Sujata Rai ICT Assistant 77395875 suurai.gbcl@gmail.com
17. Mr. Kelzang Tshering Incharge, Western Central Nursery, Zekha 77472475 kelzangtshering12@gmail.com  
18. Mr. Tularam Khatiwara Incharge, Southern Central Nursery, Sarpang 77816544 tularamkhatiwara@gmail.com  
19. Mr. Barun Gurung Incharge, Lamperi Site Nursery 17687388 barunggurung356@gmail.com
20. Mr. Tshering Dendup Incharge Eastern Central Nursery, Tshobalay 16917668 tshering21dendup@gmail.com
21. Mr. Nima Tshering Field Supervisor, Lamperi 17389182 tsheringnima423@gmail.com  
22. Mr. Ugyen Penjor Field Supervisor, Tshobalay 17427383 Upenjor61@gmail.com
23. Mr. Dorji Wangchuk Field Supervisor, Sarpang 17792946 ddwangchukmh@gmail.com
24. Mr. Ranjit Rai Field Technician, Issuna Park 17528316 ifrankimryee@gmail.com
25. Ms. Karma Dolkar Field Technician, Issuna Park 17881838 karmamindru8@gmail.com
26. Ms. Choden Field Technician, Issuna Park 77263748 samsarachos@gmail.com
27. Mr. Purni Maya Gurung Field Technician, Issuna Park 17917177 purnimayag32@gmail.com
28. Mr. Dorji Phuntsho Field Technician, Tshobaley 17121001 dphuntshomh@gmail.com
29. Mr. Sonam Lhaden Field Technician, Tshobaley 17928637
30. Ms. Pema Lhamo Field Technician, Tshobaley 16916532 pema17287@gmail.com
31. Ms. Khandu Wangmo Field Technician, Tshobaley 17996499 khandu1196@gmail.com
32. Ms. Tandin Choden Field Technician, Lamperi Nursery 17540690 tandinchoden@gmail.com
33. Ms. Kencho Dema Field Technician, Lamperi Nursery 17425043 kenchodema1996@gmail.com
34. Ms. Samten Lhamo Field Technician, Lamperi Nursery 77751731 samtenlhamo52@gmail.com
35. Mr. Bir Man Glan Field Technician, Lumitsawa Nursery 17566960 birmanglan1994@gmail.com
36. Ms. Cheki Maya Tamang Field Technician, Lumitsawa Nursery 17775713 mayachoki00@gmail.com
37. Ms. Pema Yangchen Field Technician, Umthaykha Nursery 17344126 yangchenp753@gmail.com
38. Mr. Tenzin Wangchuk Field Technician, Zekha Nursery 17462152 wangchuktenzin368@gmail.com
39. Mr. Bhim Bdr. Rai Field Technician, Zekha Nursery 17397104
40. Ms. Dechen Peldon Field Technician, Zekha Nursery 17685301
41. Mr. Chhatra Man Ghalley Machine Operator 17635754 cmgalley111@gmail.com
42. Mr. Pema Dorji Tamang Machine Operator 17501712 It0046218@gmail.com
43. Mr. Hem Raj Ghalley Machine Operator 77430805
44. Mr. Tandin Namgay Driver 77337721 tandinn99@gmail.com
45. Mr. Pema Driver 17562001 pema.tsheltem1192@gmail.com
46. Mr. Rinchen Dorji Driver 77483777 rinchendorji9695@gmail.com